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Eye-tracking system

The Pupil Core (Pupil Labs, Berlin, Germany) binocular eye-tracking system consists of a wearable headset, two eye-tracking cameras, and one world camera. The world camera has three frequency-resolution combinations: 30 Hz at 1080p, 60 Hz at 720p, and 120 Hz at 480p. It also has two lenses: one wide-angle lens (with approximately 100° diagonal FOV) and one narrow-angle lens (with approximately 60° diagonal FOV). Each of the eye-tracking cameras operates at 200 Hz frequency at 192x192px resolution. The system can output normalized 2D gaze position, 3D gaze rays, 3D gaze points, relative and absolute pupil diameter, 2D and 3D pupil position, and other user data. Furthermore, it also outputs raw video from the world and eye cameras. This data can be streamed and recorded in real-time over local WiFi and can be used for post hoc visualization and analysis. More

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