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 Head-Neck Finite Element Modeling and Validation

 Support By: Neuroimaging Institute at Texas Tech University

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NextGen firefighting helmet design to provide both thermal and ballistic protection

 Support By: Department of Homeland Security, USA


Upper extremity exoskeleton evaluation for masonry works at an elevated work platform

 Support By: NIOSH, CDC, USA

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Mission Adaptive, Modular Law Enforcement Helmet Design 

 Support By: Department of Homeland Security, USA


Development of a full-body OpenSim musculoskeletal model


Development of Helmet Padding for Oblique Impact 

 Support By: Department of Homeland Security, USA


Evaluating the effect of fatigue on virtual reality forklift driving

 Support By: Investigator-initiated research supported by TTU start-up fund


Developing a physics-based virtual reality system providing both real haptics and high-fidelity virtual immersion

 Support By: Investigator-initiated research supported by TTU start-up fund

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Unifying Neuroscience and Biomechanics Paradimes for Modeling Brain and Muscle Responses to Mecnahical Impacts

 Support By: National Science Foundation

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