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April 2023; Congratulation to Dr. Suman Chowdhury, on receiving the 2023 NSF CAREER Award for his exceptional work in "Unifying Neuroscience and Biomechanics Paradigms for Modeling Brain and Muscle Responses to Mechanical Impacts, click

Spring 2023: Hossein Bahreinizad presented his research at the National Science Foundation (NSF) DARE 2023 conference at the University of South California, click 

Spring 2023; Dr. Sudeesh Subramanian join HPNE Lab as Post Doctorial Researcher in Spring 2023, click

Spring 2023; Dr. Laurel Kuxhaus, Program Director of Biomechanics and Mechanobiology for the National Science Foundation visit HPNE Lab, click 

Fall 2022; Dr. Sherry Thaxton from NASA visit HPNE Lab, click

Fall 2022; Dr. Patrick J. Baker the Director of US Combat Capabilities Development Command, Army Research Laboratory visit HPNE Lab, click

Fall 2022; Rahul Lamba join HPNE Lab as Graduate Research Assistant in Fall of 2022, click

Summer 2022; Gustavo Marin Paulon join HPNE Lab as Ph.D. student in Summer of 2022, click

Dr. Chowdhury was elected as the Chair-Elect in the Occupational Ergonomics Technical Group of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, USA for 2021 - 2022, click

Spring 2022; Sneha Shrestha join the HPNE Lab as Graduate Research Assistant in Spring of 2022, click

Quinten Humphrey is presenting two abstracts in the 2021 American Society of Biomechanics.

Fall 2021; Leonardo Wei, Elizabeth Ogunkula, and Felipe Santos Jr. join HPNE Lab as PhD students in Fall 2021,click

Dr. Chowdhury received a grant from the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC)/National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

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