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Emergency Responder Safety Institute Supports Texas Tech and Lubbock Fire Rescue Partnership to Design a New Multi-Purpose Firefighter Helmet.

Texas Tech researchers team up with fire crews for their latest project

Dr. Chowdhury Represents IMSE for the Explore Engineering Summer Camp, 2021

Dr. Chowdhury represented IMSE department as an instructor for the Explore Engineering Summer Camp hosted by the Engineering Opportunities Center. The camp provided the opportunity for high school students to live life as Texas Tech Engineering students, including staying in the dorms for a week! As seen in the linked photos, students were able to have firsthand experience with Dr. Chowdhury's biomechanics and engineering research projects on firefighting helmets, shoulder and back exoskeleton, and virtual reality. He also taught students about the importance of human-centric designs of products, tools, systems, and work to improve the comfort, performance, and safety of human users. We hope to see these students back at the Whitacre College of Engineering soon!

Dr. Chowdhury Represents IMSE for the Explore Engineering Summer Camp, 2022

Dr. Chowdhry had the opportunity to represent the Department of Industrial, Manufacturing, & Systems Engineering - at Texas Tech University in the 2022 Explore Engineering Summer Camp organized by the Texas Tech University - Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. College of Engineering. This is his second presentation experience. He also presented at this awesome Summer Camp last year. A bit details about this camp: this summer camp provides an opportunity to high school students to spend a week as a Texas Tech Engineering student to learn engineering concepts and gain experience with classroom lectures, hands-on group projects, and campus life. Dr. Chowdhury hopes he made an impact on their learning this year. He got some feedback that students enjoyed our exoskeleton and helmet research a lot. We also taught them the basics of biomechanics, ergonomics, and traumatic brain injury.
HPNE Lab would like to thank graduate students, Leonardo and Gustavo, for their assistance. It is also a unique opportunity for them to interact with some awesome young minds.

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Hossein Bahreinizad presented his research at the National Science Foundation (NSF) DARE 2023 Conference at the University of Southern California. 

His presentation on “Implant Design and Cervical Spinal Biomechanics and Neurorehabilitation: A Finite Element Investigation, click

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