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Virtual Reality (VR) System

The primary components of the HTC Vive Pro Eye (HTC Corporation, New Taipei, Taiwan and Valve Corporation, Bellevue, Washington, USA) virtual reality system are a head-mounted display (HMD), two base stations, two controllers, and a link box.  The system has dual AMOLED 3.5” diagonal HMD of 2880 x 1600 pixels resolution with a 90 Hz refresh rate and 110° field of view for a fully immersive experience.  The system contains SteamVR™ tracking software and equips with a gyroscope, proximity, interpupillary distance, and eye-tracking sensors.  It can output timestamps, gaze origin, gaze direction, pupil position, pupil size, and eye openness data at a frequency of 120 Hz.  Our VR system can be integrated with other technologies like the driving simulator, EEG, EMG, Phantom Omni haptics, and motion capture system and can provide the opportunity for multimodal data collection in a realistic simulation for a wide variety of research options—flight and vehicular training, medical research, military training, smart material handling, rehabilitation, and space research. More

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