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Electromyography (EMG) System

The Delsys TrignoTM Wireless EMG system (Delsys Inc., Natick, Massachusetts, USA) is used to measure neuromuscular activity while a participant performs different modes of functional tasks. The system comes with three different sensor types—Trigno Avanti sensors for large-size muscles, Trigno quattro sensors for small-size muscles at hand, neck, and shoulder regions, and Trigno Galileo sensor for both small- and large-size muscle groups—to measure neuromuscular activity.  The system uses EMGworks® software to record and stream EMG data digitally, NeuroMap Suite software to analyze neural firing activity, and Trigno full triggering module to further expand integration options for additional measurement technologies such as EEG, Motion Capture system, and Biodex isoinertial dynamometer. More

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