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Driving Simulator System

The custom-built driving simulator system primarily comprises of DOFReality Motion Simulator Platform P3 (DOFReality Inc., Pustomyty, Ukraine), SPARCO R600 driving seat (Sparco S.p.A, Volpiano, Turin, Italy), Thrustmaster TX RW leather steering wheel with pedals, handbrake, and shifter (Thrustmaster Inc., Hillsboro, Oregon, USA), and  Buttkicker Bass Shaker (The Guitammer Company, Westerville, Ohio).  We can conduct two modes of driving simulations—using (1) conventional monitors and (3) an immersive virtual reality system.  The driving simulator can be integrated with other technologies such as EEG, EMG, motion capture, and eye tracking system. Furthermore, by integrating this system with our VR system, various virtual driving scenarios can be simulated, such as construction vehicles, forklifts, police vehicles, healthcare, truck, public transportation, and so on. More

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