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Emergency Responder Safety Institute Supports Texas Tech and Lubbock Fire Rescue Partnership to Design a New Multi-Purpose Firefighter Helmet

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Firehouse (October 2020)

TX Fire Department, University Team-Up to Improve FF Safety.

Firehouse (August 2020)

TX Fire Department, University Team-Up to Improve FF Safety.


Fox34.Com (November2021)

Texas Tech researchers team up with fire crews for their latest project

Daily Toreador (November 2021)

Students participate in firefighter training for new helmet research

Daily Advent (November 2021)

Tech students work to create next-generation helmet for firefighters.


93.7 The Eagle (September 2020)

Lubbock fire rescue, Texas Tech partner to help improve firefighter safety


Dr. Chowdhury Represents IMSE for the Explore Engineering Summer Camp, 2021

Dr. Chowdhury represented IMSE department as an instructor for the Explore Engineering Summer Camp hosted by the Engineering Opportunities Center. The camp provided the opportunity for high school students to live life as Texas Tech Engineering students, including staying in the dorms for a week! As seen in the linked photos, students were able to have firsthand experience with Dr. Chowdhury's biomechanics and engineering research projects on firefighting helmets, shoulder and back exoskeleton, and virtual reality. He also taught students about the importance of human-centric designs of products, tools, systems, and work to improve the comfort, performance, and safety of human users. We hope to see these students back at the Whitacre College of Engineering soon!

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